What Are Your I Ams?

‘Ugly, worthless, failure, unloveable…’

‘Beautiful, redeemed, loved, accepted…’

What are the “I AM’s” you wake up to? What are you speaking over yourself in the quiet places of your heart? Do you hear your mistakes and failures screaming at you? Do you look in the mirror in disgust? Are the whispers in your soul of defeat and doubt?

We live in a world that preaches self love yet promotes perfection; a world that wants you to believe you can achieve it, that your happiness waits for you there, that you will be considered successful once you arrive, and that perfect love will be there to welcome you…

Most of us can relate. Let’s be honest, there have been times we’ve told ourselves the worst about ourselves, probably more often than we’d care to admit. We want the people in our world to see confidence but underneath the façade are deep rooted insecurities. We desperately want to believe it, but deep down we know the truth; unrealistic and idealistic and if we keep striving to that end, we will come out depressed, exhausted, and defeated.

“What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I lose the weight? Why doesn’t he love me? Don’t I deserve the promotion? I’ll never be good enough, or skinny enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough, or strong enough…”


What if we shifted the dialogue? What if we chose to speak goodness, and life, and positivity over ourselves. What if we woke up every morning and became intentional about our thoughts and how we allow them to dictate our “I AM’s”. Humor me for a minute; if perspective is everything than how do we shift this trend?


In the bible God tells us to “call the things that are not, as though they are”. (Romans 4:17)

So, who does God say we are anyways?

You are beautiful~ Psalm 45:11 You are unique~ Psalm 139:13 You are loved~ Jeremiah 31:3 You are special~ Ephesians 2:10 You are created with a purpose~ Jeremiah 29:11 You are cared for~ Ephesians 3:17,18,19 You are lovely~ Daniel 12:3 You are precious~ 1 Corinthians 6:20 You are strong~ Psalm 18:35 You are important~ 1 Peter 2:9 You are forgiven~ Psalm 103:12 You are a new creation~ 2 Corinthians 5:17 You are protected~ Psalm 121:3 You are empowered~ Philippians 4:13 You are chosen~ John 15:16 You are family~ Ephesians 2:19 You are mine~ Isaiah 43:1

What would your “I AM’s” become if you were to re-write them? What do you hope them to be in the future? Below I have listed a dozen “I AM’s” that I am choosing to speak over my life; some of which are already true and some of which I am believing for.

“I AM– strong//I AM– anointed//I AM– worthy//I AM– held//I AM– loved//I AM– equipped//I AM-prosperous//I AM– courageous//I AM– blessed//I AM– victorious//I AM– beautiful//I AM– confident//”

What are yours?

As we posture ourselves with an attitude of thankfulness for what is already ours, we shift our negative tendencies to positive ones. This new mindset, one that is full of gratitude, becomes our reality as we allow the anthem of God’s truths to breathe new life to our thoughts, opinions and attitudes.

“Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves”  ~natural life~





I’m Paula…wife, lucky mother of 3 and stepmom to 2. Faith follower, fitness enthusiast, coffee obsessed, tattoo lover. I have a passion for writing but more than that, I want to share my personal experiences and the growth that has emerged because of these in order to encourage and inspire others to live their best life through discovering their best self; for themselves and for their families! I believe we all have a story to share!

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