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Inspiring An Honourable Culture

In today’s workplace, a thriving culture is often the differentiating factor between success and failure. Culture impacts everything from how people show up, to what drives and motivates them, to how far they are willing to go for you or your customers.   The interesting thing about culture is that it is embodied by the…

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What Are Your I Ams?

‘Ugly, worthless, failure, unloveable…’ ‘Beautiful, redeemed, loved, accepted…’ What are the “I AM’s” you wake up to? What are you speaking over yourself in the quiet places of your heart? Do you hear your mistakes and failures screaming at you? Do you look in the mirror in disgust? Are the whispers in your soul of…

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Jay Mcdonald

Jay McDonald is both a speaker and entrepreneur living in Calgary with a mission to help people find comfort in their own skin. He is removing the stigma from mental health and starting the conversation on suicide and suicide prevention. Partnered with Kids Help Phone, Jay’s goal in speaking to schools, businesses, and other organizations,…

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