Building The Foundation Series (Part 1): What Is Honour?

The beautiful thing about working, living, or being with others is you learn that not everybody is the same. We all have a past and come from different experiences, perspectives, and expectations.


Because of our differences we might say the same things as somebody else, but our actions don’t always line up accordingly.


For example: one person might say that we should love everybody for who they are and will allow people to take advantage of them. Somebody else might say that we should love everybody for who they are and will display tough love, not giving a helping hand to anybody.


Both people are saying the same thing, however, their actions say two different things because their definition is different.


With different definitions of love, their actions are out of line with one another.


When thinking of honour, words like appreciation, integrity, and honesty (among others) often come to mind. But if our definitions aren’t aligned, it’s easy to get hung up on our own beliefs and values and for conflict to occur outside the safety of respect.


Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to lay the foundation for what The Honour Project is all about. Please allow us to begin by introducing the meaning of honour.


What is honour?


Honour denotes a fine sense of, and a strict conformity to, what is considered morally right or due. It is to show a courteous regard for, to confer distinction upon, to hold in high respect, to revere. It is honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.


Honour is respecting every walk of life and appreciating others for who they are, not what they’ve done.


Honour is having the discipline to do what is right and not what is easy.


Honour is giving our best in service to others.


Honour is being accountable for one’s actions.


At The Honour Project, we believe that every life is worth honouring, and we aim to have our actions align with our definition of honour.


If this resonates with you, let us know! Contact us here and tell us your story.