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On Creating Safe Space

We live in a time where our personal and work lives are often not our own. We revolve ourselves around the never-ending need to fill our days with tasks, our months with appointments, and our years with accomplishments.   In a time of instant gratification, the busy-ness of life is something we create to make…

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Building The Foundation Series (Part 1): What Is Honour?

The beautiful thing about working, living, or being with others is you learn that not everybody is the same. We all have a past and come from different experiences, perspectives, and expectations.   Because of our differences we might say the same things as somebody else, but our actions don’t always line up accordingly.  …

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Emma House

Partnered with the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, Emma House is building a community of healthy mothers in the heart of Calgary. Here is what Emma House has to say and how they honour young moms in Calgary:   Tell Us About Emma House   We bring pregnant women off the street and into our home…

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